September 10, 2010

Tyler Does Dallas Part 2

I have to admit- while we have all been drowning in rain water (I'm talking to the Texans), I have been relishing in the fact that Tyler is FINALLY here to enjoy the storms with me! Stormy weather is my favorite. Obviously we love being in the same city but we sure are busy... We spent last weekend in Burkburnett with the Robertson/Ono/Cope/Pruett families and had a blast! Tyler got some "man" time in, complete with shooting guns and drinking beer and I got to spend some quality time with Suzanne and Jana! We love the fact that we are so close to both our families now. It was especially wonderful to know that when we headed home Tyler wasn't going anywhere! Other than that we have been enjoying random date nights and dinner dates with our friends and family. Oh! We also started a spin class together which I seem to find hilarious...

Here's the big news though!! Tyler is officially a "city" boy now! I'd like to introduce the newest member of our clan- a car... an actual car, not a vehicle, but a sedan! Today is Day 1 so I will be back with photos and stories soon!