October 20, 2010

Tyler Does Dallas Part 3

Things have been crazy around here so I am going to have to condense...

We are getting used to Tyler being here, it has been fabulous! To top it all off, we FINALLY had our fun-filled weekend with Maryl and Jake! Maryl and I had our fun in college but this was our chance to get the four of us together... we were all over the place! Cheers, dancing, choking... yes, choking.... we lived it up! Maryl and I had a girly morning on Friday complete with hair appointments and shopping, but don't worry about Gus... we didn't forget about him! Gussy got his first     pet(s)- two dwarf frogs and I hear that he is obsessed! The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and celebrating the fact that Ty did not choke to death. We were sad to see them leave but we will all be together in a couple of weeks!!

Second topic- THE FAIR.

Ty had a quick preview of the fair during the game but we went back the next week to show him what it was really about! You won't believe it, but his favorite fried food was FRIED OREOS. If you know Tyler, he typically wouldn't allow these to touch his lips let alone make it all the way to his belly! We walked and walked, visited the animals, rode some extreme rides and finally called it a night. Take a look at these ridiculous Aplaca...

October 6, 2010

Blast From The Past

Can you believe it? Ashley FINALLY made it to Dallas! First of all, thank you for making the trip! I had the best time with you! On to the festivities- Friday night was sort of mellow if you consider college drinking games (really?!) and college pastimes mellow. Saturday was full of bbq and college football and the weekend was finished up with an old-school tech reunion where we listened to Parachute Addams and danced the night away! I miss all of you, so glad we got to spend a night together!!

October 3, 2010

Gus the Great!

A couple of weeks ago Tyler and I headed to Houston to watch Mr. Gus- Tyler's nephew! I'd be lying if I said we love seeing him... we're obsessed with him! We had so much fun singing row, row, row your boat and teaching little mister "shhhhhhhh"! Here are some pictures of Gus decked out in his Tech gear! Get ready for awwwwww.... he's out of control adorable!

Look at that face... who do you think he looks like? And that smile....

Unkie and Monkey

September 10, 2010

Tyler Does Dallas Part 2

I have to admit- while we have all been drowning in rain water (I'm talking to the Texans), I have been relishing in the fact that Tyler is FINALLY here to enjoy the storms with me! Stormy weather is my favorite. Obviously we love being in the same city but we sure are busy... We spent last weekend in Burkburnett with the Robertson/Ono/Cope/Pruett families and had a blast! Tyler got some "man" time in, complete with shooting guns and drinking beer and I got to spend some quality time with Suzanne and Jana! We love the fact that we are so close to both our families now. It was especially wonderful to know that when we headed home Tyler wasn't going anywhere! Other than that we have been enjoying random date nights and dinner dates with our friends and family. Oh! We also started a spin class together which I seem to find hilarious...

Here's the big news though!! Tyler is officially a "city" boy now! I'd like to introduce the newest member of our clan- a car... an actual car, not a vehicle, but a sedan! Today is Day 1 so I will be back with photos and stories soon!

August 26, 2010

Austin, Fantastic!

I have to tell you about the most fabulous hotel in Austin... Tucked behind an ivy-covered wall lies Hotel San Jose, a perfectly thought out and adequately Austin place to lay your head. Everything is planned and executed with grace and a tinge of obsessive compulsive ideal. Tyler was gracious enough to travel to Austin with me for a Stella & Dot party, hosted by my sweet friend, Stephanie (Lewis) Wolslager. As a Thank You, I booked our room in June- Note: You must plan far in advance. This place is highly sought after and has very few bungalows.We absolutely LOVE Austin and search for reasons to make the drive... nevermind the fact that my oldest brother lives there....

Below are a few  pictures of the hotel:

The pool is small and boasts full sun on one side and plenty of shade on the other... I had my first "Shandy"... anyone know what that is? Beer + Lemonade. Not only is Hotel San Jose cozy and unique- it's dog friendly as well! Too bad we left Lola at her Mimi's!!!

Tyler has to have his first breakfast pretty soon after he wakes up- I took advantage and had my first mimosa as soon as he woke up! Notice how perfectly placed the tray is- not to mention amazing granola!

Everyone knows my obsession with cupcakes (Red Velvet, Maryl?!) so it is only fitting that the S. Congress "Hey Cupcake" is in walking distance. After our wine-filled evening at Max's Wine Dive and a nightcap at Pearl Lustre we finished the evening off with cupcakes! We gave up at this point... a very poor showing on my part.

So the verdict is in- You've got to try this place. You will without a doubt, fall in love!

August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Lola!

Happy Birthday to the BEST dog in the entire world. Six years ago (can you believe it?!) I got a call in the middle of Chi Omega Rush to let me know that a litter of boxers had arrived and one precious baby would be gifted to me.... the babies were in Houston so there was no way I would get to pick her out, so I left it up to Ms. Carol Pate. She picked out the runt and began to tell me all about her... she was shy and tiny.... obviously she brought me the wrong puppy, Lola is neither of those things! How thankful am I for the swap?? I can't begin to tell you how fabulous she is... but she's lonely so my birthday promise to Miss Priss is that she will have a brother by her 7th Birthday!

Lola's litter, like so many, was accidental. The owners had no idea that their female was not spayed so they ended up with seven babies out of the blue- they were lucky, neighbors and friends were more than willing to take in the precious pups, but most of the time these puppies end up in shelters or with rescue organizations because finding a home for multiple animals is a job all by itself! That being said, a BIG, HUGE thanks goes out to my favorite rescue organization: Legacy Boxer Rescue!

http://www.savetheboxers.com/ or "Like" them on facebook

In honor of Little Lola- take a look and don't forget to spay and neuter your pups! See below for information on many area organizations that offer these services for FREE!!

August 16, 2010

Tyler Does Dallas Part 1

Well Everyone, it's official! Tyler and Heather are for the first time, in the SAME CITY! We aren't completely sure of what we're in for but we are completely sure that we are loving the fact that we get to see each other every single day and we can put our phones down when we get home at night (lola appreciates this more than either of us)!

Considering this is day #1 of an actual week, we have a lot to experience- I'll keep you posted!