October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! It's one of the Mister's favorite holidays so in honor of him (and the fact that he is missing our VERY FIRST Halloween in our VERY FIRST home), I present you with this... Mr. Benjamin Franklin himself circa 1992-ish.

To my ghouls and goblins in Singapore- We wish you a very "Spoooooky" and "Creeeeeepy" Halloween!

Tyler and I have been dying to dress up as Sugar Skulls for the past two years but haven't followed through so when we got bored on Saturday, this is what we decided to do. Gus was a fan- are you?!

October 23, 2012


My goodness, we have been busy! I have not had time to tell y'all about anything house or wedding related. Good news... here's an update {via instagram}

1. House is painted! Isn't it presh?! We are so excited about it... we literally walk outside every morning and stare! How lame is that?! More house updates to come...
2. Boogie Child- look at that grin! We have a park at the end of our street and I am starting to think that it is her idea of "Heaven"! 
3. Sweet Perry Louise taking in Singapore. I cannot wait to see the little walking wonder!
4. Ryan Bingham concert with friends.
5. Tyler's first Touchdown Club event- it's so fun that my good friend Trey is a new member with Ty!
6. Something I have been thinking about... 
7. DATE NIGHT! We love Wednesday nights! Tyler likes to "break up the week" so we make sure we go out and celebrate us every Wednesday... not that we don't every other night too!
8. Texas Tech vs. TCU- we wrecked 'em! 
9. Lola in "Heaven"... look at her! She is happy about Fall!

We are happy as clams and loving every second of "lately"! We have lots to do around the house between now and Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving so stay tuned although you may not get a blog update until um.... March? I kid.... 

Happy Tuesday Lovies! xoxo

p.s.- wedding photos will be here any day....