November 25, 2011

A year ago today...

A year ago today we were celebrating our engagement in Santa Ana's home in San Miguel de Allende... we have come so far and learned so much, especially what it means to love unconditionally. This week I am especially thankful for my fiance.

Tyler, I love you so much and cannot wait to journey down whatever path was made for us.

August 4, 2012 in Santa Fe, NM. Mark your calendars, it will be worth it. 

November 23, 2011


I drove to work today thinking about how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you to each and every one of you for making me who I am today. Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving!

November 8, 2011


I have the best "soon-to-be-husband" in the world! Not only does he listen to my incessant complaining about how busy we are on the weekends, he plans the most off the map getaways. Look how cute he is in that picture... 

Anywho, the mister surprised me with a weekend in the boonies. we drove and drove and drove until we wound up in a little place called Uncertain, TX- Population 194. The lake is said to be haunted so the first morning of duck season caught us by surprise. We were pretty sure we were headed for murder and if it didn't happen then, it was going to happen by the end of the weekend. Well, we made it out alive and cannot wait to go back. 

We spent the weekend laughing, drinking wine, playing checkers and as I put it, exploring. There was one down fall- Tyler packed for me. In short, the picture of me is terrible because a. he forgot my brush so I played "the little mermaid" and used a fork b. he only brought pajamas and one pair of jeans- these jeans have to be worn with my tallest shoes. thank goodness I was wearing a pair of skinnies, but they were purple c. my shoes were bright green duck shoes, so I was quite colorful d. no makeup, none. no powder, nothing. On the bright side, he did bring all of my favorite lazy day clothes, they just don't really go together! haha

I wish we could have better documented the weekend, but I was too ugly! 

Thank you babe for a wonderful weekend and the best reminder that it doesn't always matter what I look like :). ps- the house in the middle picture is from true blood. 

November 1, 2011

A day late and a dollar short...

Okay, I know that I promised a surprise yesterday but I got too busy! So, here it is.... I officially have two things marked off the wedding to-do list. Rehearsal Dinner dress- CHECK. Bridesmaids dresses- CHECK CHECK! Yes ladies, I've picked them out and y'all will LOVE them. They are champagne and perfect for any wedding or event you may need to attend after August 4th. Honestly, I'm not just saying that!

Say tuned for pictures, etc. Next up: Dress shopping for me! Can't wait.