March 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

Patience is not something that comes easy for us. We are working on it, we really are... but when it came to our pictures the suspense finally got the best of me! I nagged the photographer for a couple of shots to hold us over until we get our disc and she posts on her blog.  

So, here they are... 

I have to say that I am pretty fond of them. Two more weeks..... 

March 28, 2012

Big Things

We are just about four months out and getting very excited!!!

Hope your week is fabulous.

Happy Wednesday!

March 22, 2012


I am sitting at my desk which is fully covered by papers with numbers and information that at the moment mean nothing to me. I'm daydreaming of a beautiful weekend and wishing we could pack the three of us up and head to a river for a real weekend away. Instead, its raining and dark and our weekend is filled with birthdays and housework (and hopefully a whole lot of sleep).

Wouldn't I look fab rocking an Hermes scarf in this handsome fella, complete with my initial?! I think so. Oh, wait. Is that a Louis V trunk sticking out of the top? Why yes it is...

Happy almost weekend. xoxo