October 20, 2010

Tyler Does Dallas Part 3

Things have been crazy around here so I am going to have to condense...

We are getting used to Tyler being here, it has been fabulous! To top it all off, we FINALLY had our fun-filled weekend with Maryl and Jake! Maryl and I had our fun in college but this was our chance to get the four of us together... we were all over the place! Cheers, dancing, choking... yes, choking.... we lived it up! Maryl and I had a girly morning on Friday complete with hair appointments and shopping, but don't worry about Gus... we didn't forget about him! Gussy got his first     pet(s)- two dwarf frogs and I hear that he is obsessed! The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and celebrating the fact that Ty did not choke to death. We were sad to see them leave but we will all be together in a couple of weeks!!

Second topic- THE FAIR.

Ty had a quick preview of the fair during the game but we went back the next week to show him what it was really about! You won't believe it, but his favorite fried food was FRIED OREOS. If you know Tyler, he typically wouldn't allow these to touch his lips let alone make it all the way to his belly! We walked and walked, visited the animals, rode some extreme rides and finally called it a night. Take a look at these ridiculous Aplaca...

October 6, 2010

Blast From The Past

Can you believe it? Ashley FINALLY made it to Dallas! First of all, thank you for making the trip! I had the best time with you! On to the festivities- Friday night was sort of mellow if you consider college drinking games (really?!) and college pastimes mellow. Saturday was full of bbq and college football and the weekend was finished up with an old-school tech reunion where we listened to Parachute Addams and danced the night away! I miss all of you, so glad we got to spend a night together!!

October 3, 2010

Gus the Great!

A couple of weeks ago Tyler and I headed to Houston to watch Mr. Gus- Tyler's nephew! I'd be lying if I said we love seeing him... we're obsessed with him! We had so much fun singing row, row, row your boat and teaching little mister "shhhhhhhh"! Here are some pictures of Gus decked out in his Tech gear! Get ready for awwwwww.... he's out of control adorable!

Look at that face... who do you think he looks like? And that smile....

Unkie and Monkey