December 9, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

Signet Rings
I'm dying to have the mister's initials in one of these numbers. This particular fancy is of course, Tiffany so I will probably have to shoot for the j.crew version until I provide something worth his while. 

High Heeled Brownies
These puppies will make it to my closet very soon, I just need to spend less time on here and more time online shopping. Probably not. I love the height and the fact that there is NO ZIPPER. 

Pendleton Blankets
I sure hope santa has this tucked away for me because as of five seconds ago, it is no longer available. Santa... please read this post. thank you in advance. It will go nicely with the new bedding I have been imagining. 

More specifically, the Muppets collection. I'm sure it's just the holiday cheer, but I'm digging the glittery shades. I am currently "Getting Miss Piggy with It" if you're curious. 

Being Engaged
I have really been into being engaged lately. I'm always "into" the idea of getting married, but I have really been obsessed with the mister lately. Obviously this isn't us, but it sure is presh. 

**this was clearly not in any particular order....