March 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I've been bitten by the "time to redecorate", "what if I changed this around", "I think I'd like to paint..." bug. Poor Tyler has been putting up with my daily inspiration and re-inspiration for months now! I'm going crazy in my own head trying to figure out what we should do in our bedroom, how we could revamp the living room, what kind of table the kitchen needs.... so here are some of my thoughts and where I find the majority of my inspiration...

The Kitchen-

We have a teeny, tiny little strip of a kitchen so we can't really have a dining table. We have been searching high and low for the perfect table and chairs to break up our living/kitchen area. I finally found one that I love at West Elm. I love their things because they aren't quite the commitment that most furniture or home goods are. The mere name of the table is really what caught my eye... Rustic. Kitchen. Island. Each word was a perfect descriptor of what we were looking for! Finally!! The Perfect Table!!

The Living Room-

The same will go for the bedroom, but I'm a little pillow obsessed these days! I went online and searched for "cheap pillow inserts" and found a website that sold me various sizes (16 x 16, 20 x 20, etc) for less than $3.00 each! The pillows arrive today so I am excited about going to search for the best fabrics for the couch. I'm thinking that we are going to do lots of odd, bright prints. Our entire apartment has a bit of an eccentric look so we are thinking we'll really hone in on that with any new addition we bring in there. Stay tuned for pictures of the final product. I'm also wanting to add a fun bulletin board in one corner of the room, similar to this one found on Made By Girl. I don't know if you can see it, but I am obsessing over the trim of this particular board. I cannot wait to get started on putting this together, hopefully this weekend will lend me some time to head to a fabric store to get started. Then we have the entry way, I also loving horizontal stripes and navy walls in small areas so I'm pushing Ty to let me paint SOMETHING in our apartment! Stay tuned for that too!

The Bedroom-

This room is for sleeping and.... well, you get the drift! Let's focus on the sleep part. My friend Phil is going to make us a headboard and then I will recover it, I'm thinking a khaki and white ikat or chevron print with nail head trim. What do you think? I have decided on a shape which I found by googling about, hopefully it turns out fabulous. I'm thinking that the pillows will be pretty simple. Lots of khaki and white with a few small splashes of color here and there- I'm thinking greens and yellows to tie in our quilt. I found this fabric at JoAnn's and I am hoping that I love it as much in person as I do online. In short- the bed will be neutrals with a little splash of color. AH! I can't wait. It will resemble this with a billion additional pillows.