August 28, 2012

Change is a good thing!

We have had a whole lot of change going on... the biggest change yet is my new last name: Heather Robertson!!! It's kind of crazy and it is taking me some time to get used to using it but I do love the sound!! I guess this brings up the wedding... I PROMISE to post pictures soon. I haven't seen any of our photographers shots yet but from what Ashley (matron of honor) has posted I know they will be great! Here is a sneak peek of what she was able to capture! Click here for more on Ashley Sawtelle Photography!

Back to change- we are up to our eyeballs in to-do's and don't forgets! Here is a brief list of what we have going on and why we will both be MIA for a few days coming up...

1. We bought a house!
2. We are redoing said house!
3. We are moving into said house!

That's just the tip of the iceberg! So, yes we bought a house this summer. We closed the week before we left for the wedding. How is that for last minute?! We love the sweet little house but it had a definite need for some TLC which brings us to redoing the house. We are on our way to getting it where we'd like to start out. We have refinished the floors, repainted the entire inside and are installing light fixtures in some of the rooms tomorrow. We have quite a bit of additional work to: Kitchen Redo, Guest Bath Redo (immediate), Master Bath & Closet Redo, Fence and Gate Redo and Mantle Redo. That is a lot of Redo.... but we will get it done. Stay tuned- this will be a long process and will take quite a few posts to get us there. The guest bath, fence and mantle will come first. We are hoping to have all of this complete by Thanksgiving/Christmas.  There are cleaners there today working like maniacs to get it move-in ready so we will have to post updated paint photos later but for now, here is the before!

The Living Room
As I mentioned, the floors have been redone. This was pre-floors (those are stain samples) and there is that pesky fireplace. Definitely stay tuned for that renovation. It will be a game changer! There is no light in this room so we are looking forward to adding that soon. The fixture gets picked up today! (Don't mind Lola, she managed to get herself or her shadow in every picture. She has a need to stay between me and whomever else is in the room at all times.)

The Dining Room
This room has seen quite a color change- I hope y'all are ready for it! It will knock your socks off! We will be changing fixtures and adding new window treatments as well. We are really excited to look for a dining room table- we are really liking one in particular but we will have to wait and see if it makes its debut at 423! We found some great chairs from Gypsy Soul Interiors that we will update to coordinate with new color scheme and we have got to find the perfect rug and accent furniture. Lots to do in here too.... 

The Kitchen
I hate this room. I hate everything about it except the dishwasher. It is pretty awesome but everything else will go at some point. I have lots of ideas but we are going to turn to my awesomely creative brother for final design decisions. For now, it has been repainted and those awful shades are gone. It's already a thousand times better! 

Guest Room #1
This room was plain but when you see the new color, you will see that it has POP! Tyler and I both have very ecclectic taste so we are going to use this room to showcase all of our odds and ends. You should see the heads he got me as an anniversary gift one year- they are incredible and incredibly weird. They are named Juan-Carlos and Esmerelda. We also have bull horns, a budha table and various other things that will look awesome in here. Come visit- this is your room! 
(Guest Room #2 will be repainted and filled when we have a body to fill it with... if you get my drift. For now it is storage)

Master Bedroom
I love the new paint colors in here. It will be so relaxing once we move in and we don't have to look at this strange shade of taupe and green. We will be replacing the fan and the french doors soon. The doors will be stained to match the floors and a new bed is on its way. We are both excited about this room- it will be a welcome change! 

Aside from all of the interiors, Tyler is hard at work getting the outside up to par! We have a new lantern for the front porch and are in the process of picking new exterior paint colors and a new door. The painting starts next week- we are MOST excited about this and here's why... a glimpse of what we are currently working with!

My sweet mom offered to help us with our yard for our wedding/house warming gift so by next weekend it will already look better. We are planning on adding large pots around the front door and a Japanese maple to the front bed. The backyard is quite a scene but i'll leave that until we get started on it. 

All in all, it has been a really fun process and we are excited to share it with you! Check back soon for more updates! 


August 17, 2012

Her Name was Lola

and she turned 8 today!!!


We had quite the morning playing birthday chase.... tonight she gets pupcakes and pupsicles. (Excuse my puffy face... I slept face down all night. Oopsie!)

Oh, and pardon Lola's grey face. She hadn't put her make up on yet.