January 25, 2012

Twelve Years

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would be my Dad's 71st birthday. While I have learned and grown so much from his passing, I still miss him everyday. I cannot believe that you left twelve years ago (on Monday).

I'll miss you at the wedding, but I'll keep you (and Mimi Mary) close to my heart.


My Brother, Brad's, Rehearsal Dinner, Fort Worth, TX.

January 1, 2012

So long 2011

Happy New Year Y'all! Hope it was fabulous... Tyler and I laid low after our drive home from Santa Fe. We drank our favorite, Moscow Mules, and watched movies all night long. Lame, but we were tired. Ty's birthday is this weekend so we will catch up on partying then. Deal? Not so lame, right?!

Christmas this year was great, very low key and wild at the same time! We got to finish up the holidays with a Scotch Tasting for Ted and a trip to Santa Fe to finish up some wedding details. The one thing (or four) we really missed was the Green family. I know they loved their Singapore Christmas, but we missed Gussy and Sweet P a lot!

For some reason we didn't get any pictures from this Christmas, so here are some of my favs from last year... Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Cannot wait for 2012...