May 9, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures...

Saturday afternoon was spent poolside with Barrett and Sarah and we managed to get Barrett up to experience Dallas' first "Silent Disco"- google it. It was hilarious! I was a little weary about going but so glad Ty was able to convince me. 

I was in charge of dessert for Mother's Day so I decided to make "Strawberry Puffcakes" from "The Girl Who Ate Everything". I gave them my own twist- adding Mexican Vanilla to the frosting instead of regular. They were fabulous.

Sunday afternoon Tyler and I headed to Celina to see my mom and Aunt Fran. I am so lucky to have these two women in my life- I absolutely love and adore them! This picture was taken of my mom and I in Santa Fe at Aunt Fran's house. She hates pictures, but I think she's beautiful! Yesterday was perfect, not too hot... we got to enjoy a Mav's win and watch the pups run and play and bite each other! I hope you enjoyed your day Mom, we love you!

And an extra Happy Mother's Day to Suzanne Robertson! We were sad to miss you but we'll be there soon to visit! I think Tyler has a special song to karaoke for you... get ready! Love you lots!