April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I can't even begin to describe how much I LOVE Easter! Not only do you get to share it with your family and enjoy a fantastic church service, but once in a blue moon your bestie shows up to make it amazing! Lauren and I were so excited to spend the day with Courtney and Michelle... and Duke! Haha! My mom throws an exceptional Easter celebration and Tyler has done the best job getting involved in our obsession with this holiday- we are all truly lucky to get to share this special day with each other!

Tyler and I dyed eggs on Saturday... Tie Dyed- this was an interesting "late night" purchase!

And here is Mr. Gussy celebrating Easter in Burkburnett! We missed y'all so much and are so excited that next year there will be TWO of them!

April 12, 2011

Yikes! Stripes!

I finally got my stripes! Tyler was so nice to help me paint our entry way this weekend. I was sick and helpless so he really pulled through and helped me measure and draw out the painfully perfect stripes. I've given you a before and after of the whole ordeal. Man... I owe him big!! 

The apartment has a lot of white walls... like most apartments do so we painted two walls plain navy and one with navy and white stripes. It's a little nautical and slightly Greek but we like it!

For good measure I decided to throw in some extra pictures. Here is Tyler walking into the apartment... if you get past his "pleasant" expression you can see the plain Jane wall behind him. 

I'm also giving you a glimpse of our "backyard" where we sit and let Lola boss all the neighborhood dogs around- our balcony looks out into this courtyard so Lola gets to check up on all her friends while she enjoys the AC from kennel-with-a-view. And finally... the lady herself, enjoying a beautiful Friday afternoon!

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

April 6, 2011

Spring Forward and into Sussie's

We all know that Texas weather is crazy, I got my first sunburn of the year on April 2nd. How odd is that?! All jokes aside, I am in heaven. Time to break out the shorts, flip flops and fedoras and get ready to spend the next six months next to a pool, lake or on the patio with a drink in my hand! Thanks to Sussie's and El's Stilletos (the newest Shoe Store addition inside Sussie's), I am quickly getting my wardrobe in check for the next two seasons. Take a look at some of my recent additions.

Vince is a staple in my closet. I love each piece to shreds, literally. In fact, Tyler washed and dried my favorite sweater and I cried. Poor guy, he had no idea what he had done! I am really looking forward to getting invested in Vince pants, from what I can tell they are amazing. I do not personally own this sweater but Sussie's has it and I adore it. It is perfect to throw over shorts or a tank for a breezy afternoon.

Tkees Sandals- have you seen these? Whomever came up with their marketing campaign did an awesome job! They follow the same concept as make-up: Foundation, Glosses, Highlighters, Liners and each has a different feature. Not only are they adorable, the are extremely comfortable. Join the ranks of me and Angelina when you make them your own!

Espadrilles- FOUND! A perfect pair of espadrilles to get me through the Spring and Summer. I know they seem a little "disco" but they are actually an ivory linen material with gold and silver threading,very easy on the eyes- the flash was not this shoe's friend! I can't wait to pair them with all my summer goodies!

jbrand Jeans and Shorts- Sussie's has them! I am so excited to announce that we have added jbrand to the store and received our first shipment yesterday! The Scout pant is my new favorite and we have it in three colors. I cannot wait to throw mine on this weekend! Can you imagine- a fun tank and sandals or dressing them up with heels and a funky top? AHH! I can't wait!