July 19, 2012

ok seriously?

I am getting to the point where I feel like time is a big joke. how is it this close to the wedding? I am beyond consumed... as in, it is really hard to do anything else! poor tyler- he and I have major plans for DIY for the next ten days. he must really, really love me!

I have been very fortunate to find some incredible vendors to help my ideas come to life- I'll share a few in case you find yourself needing invitations or girly goodie sacks!

Save-the-dates and Miscellaneous Invitations:

I worked with Kimberly at Swoozie's in Preston Center to design my Save the Dates, Bridal Brunch Invites and Menu, Welcome Bag Information and Programs. She is wonderful and helps you come up with exactly what you're looking for!

Wedding Invitations:

Sweet Kimberly left for maternity leave just as I was getting ready to start the dubious task of designing my wedding invitations... sad moment for me. However, she pointed me in the direction of Betty with Scribbles and Swirls to do my custom calligraphy. Little did I know, Betty was just starting her letter press business (her prices are insanely reasonable... makes the fabulous paper worth it!). Once I finalized my design, Betty printed them on fabulous paper and provided custom envelope liners (paper from paper source) to complete the look. I found vintage cactus postage stamps on Etsy and had a wax seal made with my Niece's hand drawn Milagro Heart! The whole thing came together nicely... I hope you enjoyed getting yours in the mail!

Bachelorette Party Cookies:

I had a wonderful bachelorette weekend! Courtney did the BEST job and I will never, ever forget it! We ordered cookies from Hayley Cakes and Cookies and they turned out beyond my expectations! Check them out!!!!

There are about a billion other things we did to lead up to the wedding, but for now that is it! After the big day, I will share some of the details and exactly what it took to get me there!!!

See you in Santa Fe....